Worth the Investment?

I had a conversation with someone the other day about a personnel issue they were dealing with. He told me the person’s employment history and the situation at hand. Then he asked me my opinion on the situation. Without going into the details about the situation and what I told him, let me just say it made me think about relationships in general. This is what I wish I had said:

Are you getting a return on your investment?

I believe this is the question we should be asking in every relationship we have. If I hire someone to mow my lawn one of my returns is freshly cut grass every two weeks or so. When my grass isn’t mowed the return is not worth my investment. The picture could change though. What if the person I hired was a 15 year old boy who doesn’t have a father. What if my real motive is being able to pour love and guidance into his life. At this point the grass being mowed takes a back seat.

When this boy grows to be a responsible man my investment is returned.

Christ has substantially invested in each of our lives. His motive for investing in us isn’t what we can give back to him in the way of free meals, fancy cars or the feeling he gets when he is around us (all things we want in human relationships at times). His motive is who we will become through his guidance.

Christ has invested in you. What is the return on his investment?

If we are not getting a return on our investments perhaps we should evaluate what we want from them or choose to invest in something worth while.