Get Your Swagger On…

Over the years I have mastered the pastime of people watching. Its a very interesting and, at times, comical activity. There are several groups of distinct people: Old people, the ones with black socks and shorts. The stressed mom, usually in a mini-van with a pile of kids late for some practice. Thug wannabes, whites kids who live in the country club but wish they were from the street. These are just a few. I have realized that most people think they are in style, hip or have their swag on; depending on what generation they are from.

Our lifestyle says a lot about who we are or who we think we are. I am writing this post in Blackbird’s, my favorite caffeine spot. As I was engaged in the art of people watching this morning I over heard a man say, “The best type of evangelism is ‘Lifestyle Evangelism.’

Two things went through my mind when I heard this statement:

1) I wanted to go pour coffee on his face. However, Jesus would not do this and it would be a waste of precious black liquid gold!

2) I could have punched him in the face. Again, Jesus would not do this. But he did flip over some tables. With this in mind I proceeded to walk across the room and go Hulk Hogan on him. (Not really but that would have been awesome!)

A few things to consider from his statement:

Does it matter how someone comes to Christ? To say the best way implies all other means of evangelism are inferior.

How presumptuous is it to say that someone can look at my life and accept Christ, without an utterance from me? Several issues here: 1) There are times in my life when my actions, even worse my thoughts, would do anything but lead someone to Christ. 2) I don’t want people to look at my life as their catalyst to accept Christ. How about we point them to Christ, if my life points to that then good! 3) At some point in a person’s conversion there must be a conversation. The song they heard must be explained. The life they have seen must be put in context.

What we can’t do is use “life style” evangelism as an excuse to not share our faith! So, live your life pointing to the glory of Christ (Yes, this means not punching stupid people at coffee shops). Do have a cup of piping hot coffee because its OK to pour it on someone’s head if it is church discipline!

Go get your swagger on and share your faith.