Tabloids, Candy and Chapstick

I think our local Walmart has a policy. If they see me coming into the store they automatically close every check-out line but two. The major side effect of this policy is I have to spend a lot of time n the check out line. Most of the time I am stuck behind someone who appears to be shopping for their vacation bible school with three carts full of cheap cookies and kool-aid, while I look down at my cart with 1 box o diapers, diet Mountain Dew and Milk (I am a guy and you are focusing on the wrong part of the story).

While working on my Phd in check out studies I have noticed one thing: There is a lot of junk for sale in the check out line. It’s like the last minute of heaven of batteries, chad stick, magazines and food. You could also survive on this things if time really did stop!

The church can be a lot like the check out line at Walmart:

Sometimes we trap people in line thinking if they stay longer or come to more meetings their lives will be better.

Sometimes we try and offer last minute nick-nacks, which we’ve put no thought into, because we think if we offer more services peoples lives will be better.

Sometimes we offer our own versions of tabloids and gossip.

And we usually try to do this at the best price possible because we want people to get their “value”.

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